Covid-19 Response Letter from SPPI

To Our Customers: These still truly are unprecedented times. On the world stage and as a nation, we are still floundering with uncertainty regarding our future health, vaccines, and solutions to this problem of the COVID-19 Pandemic. While we do not want to give into fear, we still have the responsibility to take reasonable precautions while doing business. Steps We Have Taken: Everyone’s health and well-being, whom we have contact with, is a priority. We at Southern Perfection Painting, Inc....

What To Look For When Searching For a Professional Painter

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Can Come In Form Of A Company Or An Individual Many people have a tough decision to make when it comes down to hiring a professional painter. Most people worry, Are they experienced? Are they licensed? How fast and efficient can they do it? Can I trust them in my house? Well in the following you will read on how to make those worries go away and be confident in the painter you choose. Of course, you want a painter to do a good job, someone who will give you a top class paint job with excelle...

Painting Tip: Extend Your Paint Brush Life

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There is no reason for your paint brushes to have a very short lifespan. Just make sure you clean these immediately after using. Use newspaper to wipe away excess paint from the brush then dip it in warm water, moving it around to get rid of as much paint as you can. Under running water, remove leftover dried pain by running a wire brush or even a kitchen fork down the brush bristles until they turn clear.  Air dry each brush then wrap using its cardboard cover or any heavy paper. Hanging these...

Color Schemes: Tips On Picking The Perfect Color Scheme

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Coming up with ideas on what color scheme to go with can be difficult. This is where most homeowners talk with a professional contractor. This should come with the whole painting package. Many homeowners get easily overwhelmed when it comes to picking out a color scheme. There are so many that are now categorized. Asking for the help of a professional painter can bring some ease. Choose a color from the largest pattern. If you have patterns in the room pick a color from there. Nudes,...

Exterior Painting Tips

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Curb Appeal Is Very Important Having a home with excellent curb appeal means higher resale value and cuts time to resell if wanted. It adds thousands of value if done with beautiful landscaping and if well maintained. Curb appeal is very important in the home market. It is something that draws your attention at the first sight of the house. If your home lacks curb appeal then many won't notice it. As soon as you start to notice cracking, peeling and blistering that is when you need to g...

How to Clean Your Painted Walls

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How to Clean Your Painted Walls Whether or not it was the kids or just normal everyday messes, you’ll have to clean the walls at some point. Washing your walls is a chore but at least you’ll have a nice, clean and healthy home. Below tells you how to clean your painted walls.  Preventive Maintenance is key in keeping your walls clean. We all know this can be a challenging task. Preventive maintenance of your walls can greatly increase the life of the paint. Using something as simple as a...

Why You Should Hire a Professional Painter

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Ever wonder why people use professional painters to painter their home, instead of doing it themselves? The answer is simple. When it comes to the exterior or interior painting, painting requires a lot of patience, requirements, and skill. Sometimes people don’t have the time to paint. Or would rather relax. Other people think of it more like a do it yourself project. Either way, it can be very rewarding when the project is finished. To achieve the desired professional look it is advised to h...

How To Paint Over Wallpaper

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So you're stuck with the task of choosing whether to strip the wallpaper or leave it and paint over it. As most people, you are probably unsure of which is better. Removing the wallpaper usually results in wall damage this is particularly true if it has been there for many years. In this article, you will find tips and tricks to help you in your painting adventure. There are many steps that need to be done before you can start painting over wallpaper. We spend so much time and effort try...

Benefits of Painting Your Home

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Painting your home offers various benefits ranging from the look to the value. The following tells you what the benefits are and how to make sure you achieve them. Interior Painting Benefits: Greatly increases the value of your home. If you plan to sell your home later or even if you don’t this is an awesome way to increase the value of the home. Painting the interior walls, baseboards and trimmings also the exterior walls help too. Painting helps to decrease allergies to dust and d...

Pressure Washing The Pollen Off Of Your Home

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Pressure washing the pollen off of your home and decks is a great way to protect your home’s appeal. Also the health of the home preventing mold. A light pressure washing is easy on a home’s siding. It uses low pressure to clean the pollen and other elements like mold and mildew from your home. Pollen, mold and even mildew can cause health problems such as allergies and allow bacteria growth. It is cost effective and a great way to keep the outside of your home appealing. If the pollen ...