DIY Or Hire a Pro?

Many DIYers think “why hire a professional painter when I can do it myself?” While some projects are small enough to do well and in a timely manner, most paint projects would benefit from hiring a professional. Not only will professional painters execute your vision with professionalism and high quality work, but they will also do it quickly. You may find that a project costs less if you do it yourself. If saving money is your goal, DIY could be for you. Though, there are other aspects you have to consider: your ability to do the work well and in a timely manner, access to high areas, tools, prep materials and also how high of a value you place on your property. Read this blog and see which avenue is right for you: do-it-yourself or hire a professional.

Understand your project

Step one is to understand the demands of your painting project. If you’re only painting an area or room  inside of a house it is definitely less technical and requires less equipment and prep work than painting the outside. Exterior painting, painting the entire home, or several rooms at a time the work can require more attention to detail and the need to be meticulous and tedious. Based on the project and the area of the room, or rooms, hiring a painter might be the best solution because you can have multiple painters working in your home at one time.

Is it cheaper to hire a painter to do it yourself?

Buying only a bucket of paint and a brush will definitely save you money, but will that be all you need for your project? Most projects will require high-quality paint to last a long time, especially high traffic areas in the home such as the kitchen, bathrooms, hallways, and entry way. In order to prevent repainting, investing in high quality paint and materials will be necessary. Materials such as painters tape, extension roller, paint roller, paint tray are all things that are accessible at your local home-improvement store, but if you don’t plan on doing several projects in the home this might be a hefty investment for such a one-time-only gig. 

Prep work before painting

A lot of the time it takes to paint is involved in the prep work. By hiring a professional painter you get to sit back and relax. Painters will:

  • Properly cover and protect the floors.
  • Move and cover furniture.
  • Tape the trim, windows, outlets, and other features on the wall.
  • Prepped the walls through caulking, sanding, or removing wallpaper.
  • Add additional services based on your painting project such as sheetrock or carpentry repair, pressure washing, waterproof or stucco, and more.

All of these steps take time and effort. Hiring a professional painter who knows how to do it properly and quickly will save you time and lower the margin of error extremely. 

What painters can provide 

An expert painting company such as Southern Perfection Painting, Inc. can provide a surplus of residential painting services that are designed to not only meet, but surpass the customers needs. 

  • Color assistance
  • Free estimate
  • Access to materials and techniques
  • Insured painters 
  • Communication, quality service, excellent customer care 

By hiring a professional you will get access to the best painters in your area. You’ll also get access to high-quality paint, tools, materials, and expert techniques without having to pay and store for these equipment. Not to mention the guarantee of working with the professional, you can ensure their professionalism and expertise by the services they provide on their website and the reviews from past projects. Consider using a painting company that offers a free estimate, like SPPI, which will allow you to understand the budget, schedule, and time that you are working with in order to make this decision. Read this guide about the 5 tips for choosing a paint contractor to learn more.   

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