Winter: The Season For Interior Painting

Arid Indoor Environments

Freezing temperatures have undoubtedly made its way on the scene in Georgia! During this time of year, many people put remodeling projects on hold due to the cold weather and shorter days. This is because we spend more time indoors so pursuing interior projects can crowd already busy schedules and subsequently becomes more difficult. However, winter is the ideal time for the home’s interior painting.

Atlanta painter Interior Painting

When thinking of interior painting during the cold months, most people are concerned with paint odor and the need to open the windows to allow the paint to dry. However, using “Low” and “No VOC” paints, will eliminate paint odor. Also, paint tends to dry faster with the windows closed, the heating system on, and proper circulation. One of the reasons paint takes time to dry is because of high humidity. Yet winter tends to bring arid indoor environments, thus aiding in the drying process.

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