Covid-19 Response Letter from SPPI

To Our Customers:

These still truly are unprecedented times. On the world stage and as a nation, we are still floundering with uncertainty regarding our future health, vaccines, and solutions to this problem of the COVID-19 Pandemic. While we do not want to give into fear, we still have the responsibility to take reasonable precautions while doing business.

Steps We Have Taken:

Everyone’s health and well-being, whom we have contact with, is a priority. We at Southern Perfection Painting, Inc. (SPPI) continue to use logical behavior to ensure that your health, and ours, are kept safe as much as possible. We do this by practicing social distancing, closely following updates, news, and precautions through following the CDC, WHO, Governor Kemp, the President, and his COVID-19 staff.

It is very important that we recertify that the health of our customers, employees, and vendors continue to be protected while we interact with one another. We have provided the necessary equipment and knowledge to all employees and management to stay safe at this time and practice social distancing. In our office, we are still using N95 Masks and cleaning all surfaces with antimicrobial and bacterial cleaners thoroughly twice daily. Our workforce is operational and working in the office, field, and from home. But more importantly, we are asking that our crews and employees stay home from work if they feel sick.

For Our Sales Team:

Exterior and Interior Estimates: As a part of our NEW NORM, we will be requesting Picture Estimates for the foreseeable future. We will be contacting you via phone, text, and email. Our process will be the same, except for consulting the owner of the project on specific issues to address via video conference or phone call. We will continue to do this until February 2021.

Exterior bids can be scheduled for completion because of our cleaning process of using bleach, and the ability to be six feet apart from you as the customer and each of the crew. Please do not be alarmed to see our representatives wearing face masks and gloves when we visit your workplace or home. Interior estimates will be scheduled after February 2021. We ask, humbly, for all our valued customers to allow for flexibility at this time.

For Our Crews:

We have instructed our working crews to remain a safe four to six feet distance from customers for each party’s safety. We also encourage all team members to wash their hands as frequently as possible and to refrain from close contact.

If you would like to get an estimate for your project, please feel free to:

Call or text us at 770.985.3075.
Email us at

Southern Perfection Painting, Inc., has been serving the Metro Atlanta area for over 36 years and has been a trusted part of the community. We plan on serving you during the remainder of this crisis and for years to come. We continue to share your concerns and worries about our futures for our families and company. We ask all our customers and the team to stay vigilant and safe. Thank you again for choosing Southern Perfection Painting Inc. We will get through this together as a team and community.

Sincerely Wishing You the Best of Health!

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