Tackling Exterior Paint Jobs When It’s Colder Than Your Ex’s Heart

Thinking about painting the exterior of your business during freezing temperatures might appear as imprudent as licking a metal pole in January. But sometimes you have to do what it takes to make your place look sharp and withstand Mother Nature’s mood swings. This article is your go-to resource for essential exterior paint tips during the winter.

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5 Exterior paint tips for winter

Let’s break down how to win at commercial exterior painting, even when your breath’s fogging up faster than glasses in a sauna. Explore the following exterior paint tips for winter:

  1. Watching Paint Dry Just Got Longer

First off, cold weather makes paint dry slower than a tortoise at a marathon. It’s like waiting for your favorite show to return for a new season. The trick is to either arm yourself with the patience of a saint or grab some of that fancy paint that’s made for cold weather. It’s like giving your building a quick-dry sweater.

  1. Getting Paint to Stick

When it’s chilly, paint gets thick and stubborn, kind of like that one relative during the holidays. You need the right kind of paint that doesn’t get all clumpy, ensuring it sticks to your building like gossip in a small town.

  1. Avoiding the Big Freeze

Painting in the cold and ending up with cracks and peels is like expecting a good hair day in humidity. But fear not, there’s special paint for that too. It’s like dressing your building in a coat that’s ready for an Alaskan cruise.

  1. Quality Matters

Cold weather can mess with your paint’s mojo, turning your snazzy color choice dull faster than a bad date. Pick the right paint, and your building will be popping with color, making it the talk of the town (for all the right reasons).

  1. Matching Colors in the Cold

Trying to get colors to match in the cold is like trying to match socks in the dark. But with some expert advice and the right tech, you’ll be matching like a pro, making everything look intentional and on point. Consider exterior painting today!

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Bringing It All Home

So, yeah, painting the outside of your place in the cold is kind of like deciding to jog in a blizzard—possible, but you got to be prepared. With the right paint and a bit of know-how, you can make your business look like a million bucks, even when it’s cold enough to freeze your assets off.

And if you’re feeling more out of your depth than a cat at a dog show, hit us up at Southern Perfection Painting, Inc. We’ve got the skills, the paint, and the dad jokes to make your commercial exterior painting project hotter than summer in Phoenix.

At SPPI, we understand the unique needs related to exterior painting during cold temperatures and ensure adherence to requisite protocols for delivering an expert finish while preserving your property’s outer endurance and durability. Contact us today to discuss your exterior painting requirements and schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

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