Life After Pollen: Southern Perfection Painting Inc.

Ridding The Home Of Pollen Is Top Priority

Cleaning the entire exterior of your home can be time consuming at any time of the year. However, add pollen to the mix and it is a downright chore! After pollen falls, siding begins to look stained and discolored from such nuisances like mold. Pollen is a common food source for mold. Damage to your home is inevitable if it is not brought under control quickly.

Aesthetically speaking, pollen on the exterior dramatically reduces your home’s curb appeal. If you are currently or soon to be in the market to sell your home, ridding the home of pollen is top priority.

Southern Perfection Painting’s solution to this yearly problem is a complete exterior pressure cleaning. We will pressure clean and treat your home and deck in one day! However, if it has been at least five years since you’ve last painted the exterior of your home, you may be in serious need of a new paint job. The extreme cold weather from last winter can result in peeling, flaking, and bubbling of the paint and can cause wood to rot.

Has the paint become worn and/or peeling? Do you have several unsightly pieces of rotten wood that need to be replaced? Are you looking into selling your home and need to get it up to par? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, contact Southern Perfection Painting today for a free estimate.

SPPI always provides reliable and professional service to our clients. We are confident you will be satisfied with a our work from start to finish.

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