Summer 2022 Trend: Transform your Exterior Brick Through Painting

Adding a fresh coat of paint can help brighten the home and create a cleaner, more even finish. Painting brick is a great way to update and refresh an old looking space. Brick has a very rustic look but can be used on interior walls as well as exterior walls. Your space will be transformed with the addition of some fresh paint. Painting exterior brick walls is something you could tackle with just a couple of basic painting supplies. There are several options for how to paint exterior brick w...

3 Tips To Make Your Next Painting Project More Enjoyable

Do you have a painting project coming up that you are dreading? Then this blog is for you. Your next painting project does not have to be such a hassle! There are a few tips and tools you can implement so your next project can be more enjoyable.   1. Take extra on the prep work to save time later.  Give attention to the areas that are:  Cracked, flaking or peeling. Cover holes and gaps properly. Remove light switches and outlet covers. Cover anyth...

7 Ways to Repurpose Your Paint Bucket

Are you wondering what to do with your spare paint buckets after your painting project? Here are 7 creative ways to upcycle and repurpose your paint buckets.  1. Planter Change your paint bucket into a planter. You can use the handles to hang the cans on a hook to make a hanging planter or screw the cans directly into a fence or other outdoor wood furniture. 2. Storage Container Do you need help organizing your paperwork? Repurpose your spare paint buckets as storage in your...

BACK TO BUSINESS IN 2021: Refresh & Renew Your Commercial Building with Color

We all know that certain colors can evoke universal feelings: a calm blue, a cheery yellow, a serious black. But these reactions can also be strongly personal. You want to create a professional environment that not only reflects your business’s style but also creates an inviting atmosphere for your customers and potential clients. It’s a great time to give your business or commercial space a facelift with some simple, effective paint upgrades. Here are some tips to consider once you’ve t decide ...

MAKE IT YOUR OWN IN 2021: Refresh and Renew Your Home with Color

We all know that certain colors can evoke universal feelings: a calm blue, a cheery yellow, a serious black. But these reactions can also be strongly personal. Why not revive your palace with some refreshing colors to start the new year? Here’s how to capture those mood-boosting colors to freshen up your home for 2021. What’s Your House Style? Consider your home’s architecture. Understanding the type of home you have is important. Do you own a Victorian or a Colonial style home? Many homes...

Cleaning/Handling Pollen While Painting

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We know pollen: those small bits of the flower that appear during their reproductive period. They pose no health effects to anyone except for individuals who are allergic. During pollen season, pollen in the air is inevitably going to stick to the exterior surfaces, which can be quite an inconvenience, especially if you intend on painting. Since these contaminants are airborne and invisible to the naked eyes, there’s no way to prevent them from accumulating on your surfaces. Howev...

Painting Tip: Extend Your Paint Brush Life

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There is no reason for your paint brushes to have a very short lifespan. Just make sure you clean these immediately after using. Use newspaper to wipe away excess paint from the brush then dip it in warm water, moving it around to get rid of as much paint as you can. Under running water, remove leftover dried pain by running a wire brush or even a kitchen fork down the brush bristles until they turn clear.  Air dry each brush then wrap using its cardboard cover or any heavy paper. Hanging these...

Color Schemes: Tips On Picking The Perfect Color Scheme

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Coming up with ideas on what color scheme to go with can be difficult. This is where most homeowners talk with a professional contractor. This should come with the whole painting package. Many homeowners get easily overwhelmed when it comes to picking out a color scheme. There are so many that are now categorized. Asking for the help of a professional painter can bring some ease. Choose a color from the largest pattern. If you have patterns in the room pick a color from there. Nudes,...

Exterior Painting Tips

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Curb Appeal Is Very Important Having a home with excellent curb appeal means higher resale value and cuts time to resell if wanted. It adds thousands of value if done with beautiful landscaping and if well maintained. Curb appeal is very important in the home market. It is something that draws your attention at the first sight of the house. If your home lacks curb appeal then many won't notice it. As soon as you start to notice cracking, peeling and blistering that is when you need to g...