Painting Tip: Extend Your Paint Brush Life

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There is no reason for your paint brushes to have a very short lifespan. Just make sure you clean these immediately after using. Use newspaper to wipe away excess paint from the brush then dip it in warm water, moving it around to get rid of as much paint as you can. Under running water, remove leftover dried pain by running a wire brush or even a kitchen fork down the brush bristles until they turn clear.  Air dry each brush then wrap using its cardboard cover or any heavy paper. Hanging these...

Color Schemes: Tips On Picking The Perfect Color Scheme

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Coming up with ideas on what color scheme to go with can be difficult. This is where most homeowners talk with a professional contractor. This should come with the whole painting package. Many homeowners get easily overwhelmed when it comes to picking out a color scheme. There are so many that are now categorized. Asking for the help of a professional painter can bring some ease. Choose a color from the largest pattern. If you have patterns in the room pick a color from there. Nudes,...

Exterior Painting Tips

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Curb Appeal Is Very Important Having a home with excellent curb appeal means higher resale value and cuts time to resell if wanted. It adds thousands of value if done with beautiful landscaping and if well maintained. Curb appeal is very important in the home market. It is something that draws your attention at the first sight of the house. If your home lacks curb appeal then many won't notice it. As soon as you start to notice cracking, peeling and blistering that is when you need to g...

Atlanta, GA Interior Painting – Benefits of Painting

Atlanta GA Interior Painting Benefits of Painting
It Isn't Just Painting Are you thinking of getting your house painted? Most people would agree that painting is a fast and easy way to update or refresh a home, but many of us don’t realize there are many more benefits to painting. Southern Perfection Painting has been providing quality interior and exterior painting. Click here to find out all the details. SPPI or call us at 770.985.3075 we offer our painting services in Atlanta.

Atlanta, GA Wallpaper Removal – How to Remove Wallpaper

Atlanta GA Wallpaper Removal How to Remove Wallpaper
So you want to remove wallpaper? It may seem scary, but if you follow these tips and easy how-to steps, you'll find it isn't so frightening after all.     Let us handle the job! Call us now for a consultation 770.985.3075 or you can visit us at SPPI for more information about our painting services in Atlanta, GA.

Painting Tip: Protect Your House Early From The Cold Weather.

Fall is fast approaching, protect your house from the cold weather. Our painting tip is for you to remember to give your deck a thorough pressure washing.  The recent moisture caused by winds and rainfall has thus intensified the formation of molds and mildew ready to break in the woods anytime. Maximize your time and effort. Do some caulking and sealing, too.  Saving energy is part of our painting tip too.  Examine  your walls and windows for possible leaks and apply some sealants th...

Exterior Painting Tip: Keep Your Deck Away from Hazardous Elements

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Safeguard your deck from ultraviolet (UV) rays, strong rains, molds and mildew.  Paint and stain your deck with products from Sherwin Williams. They have several specialized products that is proven to contain protective contents to fight these hazardous elements. It will definitely protect your porch or decks as the products reduce heat brought about by direct sunlight (UV rays). Plus, they have a complete line of of products in helping you maintain, restore and beautify your deck projects...

What is SPPI’s White Glove Service?

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White Glove Service?  Hmm… what is it all about, another technical term? With few yardsticks, the SPPI focuses with a model that is best practice in phases of painting, caulking, pressure cleaning, or its derivatives.  In other words, a White Glove Service is a “CSW” (complete staff work) based on a “premium service package” where everything is delivered by the service provider, end-to-end, and it is stipulated in the Contract.  Here’s how the job goes for you: A good performance means th...