Long-Lasting Paint from a Trusted Commercial Paint Contractor Near Me

Attention Property Managers: Protect Your Investment with Long-Lasting Commercial Painting from a Professional Commercial Painter. As a property manager, the appearance of your commercial building is a reflection of your business and a top priority. But, let’s face it, the process of finding the right commercial painting services can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. The good news is, with a trusted commercial painter like SPPI, you can ensure that your exterior paint job lasts for years to come. By investing in a quality commercial painting service and following proper maintenance, you can protect your building, enhance its curb appeal, and save money in the long run. Trust a professional commercial painter to bring your vision to life with a long-lasting exterior painting solution today.

Extend the Life of Your Exterior Paint: Proven Strategies for a Long-Lasting Finish

 Unlike interior paint, exterior painting is subjected to many factors that can play a part in the paint’s deterioration, such as sunlight exposure, extreme weather conditions, dirt, mildew, etc. Although there is no magical answer that will make your exterior paint last for a lifetime, there are tips you can follow to extend the life length of the paint. 

Prep Work

Believe it or not, the length of your paint lasting all falls on the prep work that was done before. The better the prep work, the longer the paint will last. Before painting is done, the surfaces must be clean and free of peeling, bubbling, mildew, dirt, and damage. If the exterior of your building has dirt sticking, the overall finish and how long the paint holds in place can be deeply affected. The same goes for moisture; the surface should be fully (not almost) dry before you even think of painting. 

The entire surface should be smooth to ensure the durability of the paint. The benefit of hiring a paint contractor like SPPI for your Georgia commercial building is that you are guaranteed quality work. Not only will we prep the surface, but we will also provide expert repair and replacement services on faded or severely cracked, or peeling paint surfaces. Professional paint companies like ours understand that the preparation is the most time-consuming part of the process, and we want to take that off your hands!

Use Primer

Primer is easy to skip, but it’s super important. The purpose of primer is to give the paint a better surface to reduce the chances of the paint bubbling or peeling. It also will allow for the exterior to have a uniform color and look a lot smoother. Primer is used on uncoated surfaces. If the surface has already been fully cleaned and coated or painted, that serves as the primer. If there is bare wood or a bare surface, then spot priming is done. Adding primer is a part of the preparation process, and as we mentioned, the prep work is probably the most important part. When your primer is used, give each coat applied time to dry before painting over it with anything else.

Good Weather Conditions

We have no control over the weather, but we do have control over choosing the right days to get our commercial building painted. Due to the project being outside, the weather is a very important factor. Georgia tends to have all four seasons, so it’s important to choose wisely. 

For long-lasting results, it is best to have an exterior coating when the temperature is above  40 degrees Fahrenheit and 90 degrees Fahrenheit for the highest. Little to no wind is also recommended. 

This allows for the primer and paint to form a protective dry film. When it’s super cold, the paint may not dry properly. It’s also not the best idea to paint in the middle of July on a hot scorching day that reaches the mid-90s. Be sure to watch the weather to ensure that there is no rain expected for several days. We recommend getting your commercial building done in the Fall or the Spring. 

Use Quality Paint

To make your exterior commercial building paint last, it’s important to use top-quality 100 percent acrylic latex paint. This paint is not only more flexible, but it is more durable and more resistant to peeling or flaking. If applied correctly, acrylic paint can last much longer than low-quality paint. 

The exterior of your commercial building is the first thing people do, so don’t skimp out on this one because the higher the quality is for the paint, the longer it will last. It will also resist fading from exposure to the sun. Choosing quality paint, although more expensive initially, can save you time and money in the long run. At SPPI, we use Sherwin-Williams paint, which is high quality with various colors. 

Regular Maintenance

Once your exterior paint job is completed, you should examine the building at least once a year to ensure there is no damage. If there is any new damage, we advise you to repair and repaint the area. In addition, you should try to keep the exterior clean of your commercial building. Things like dirt and mildew on your trim or siding should be addressed, as they can cause damage to the exterior paint if not removed. Fixing and cleaning on an annual basis will extend the life of the exterior paint job.

Commercial Painting Refresh: Know When to Call a Pro

As much as you follow the tips above, if your Georgia commercial building needs a new paint job, you must get that done instead of trying to extend the paint life way past its due date. There is no secret to making exterior paint last forever. Keep the look of your exterior commercial building looking fresh! 

  • It’s been a while

The industry standard for commercial properties is that they should be repainted every 3-5 years, depending on local environmental factors. It doesn’t matter how well you maintained your building. There will come a time when you just have to repaint.  If it’s been about eight years since you got your commercial building repainted, it’s time to start prepping for a paint job or visit companies like SPPI for a FREE quote

  • The building doesn’t look good

Maybe it hasn’t been the five-year mark, so repainting is the last thing on your mind. If you have neglected regular maintenance, there is a chance that you’re commercial building is not looking its best. If the paint on the building looks dirty, peeled, etc. It’s a good idea to invest in getting the exterior building repainted.

  • Want a new look

Sometimes we want a new look, especially as we are newly into 2023. Don’t be afraid to get a new paint job to fit your new vision for your commercial building. The inside is not the only important aspect of your commercial building. The outside is what everyone sees first and can play a role in if people even want to enter your commercial building!

At SPPI, we use Sherwin-Williams paint, and they have a variety of colors available for you to choose from. If you need assistance with your exterior painting Georgia commercial building, we offer FREE quotes! For more information, call us at (770) 985-3075 or visit our website.

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