Commercial Painting Warranty

All material is guaranteed to be as specified. All work to be completed in a workmanlike manner according to standard practices. Any alteration or deviation from specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon written orders, and will become an extra change the estimate. All agreements contingent upon strikes, accidents or delays beyond our control. Owner to carry fire, tornado and other necessary insurance. Our workers are fully covered by Workman’s Compensation Insurance.

White Gloves Service Provisions

General Provisions include:


1. Detailed project updates to be reported to the Board and/or Property Manager each week. This will require a point of contact Board Member and/or Property Manager contact for phased incremental approval.


2. No Change order surprises. Any changes in the work will be discussed prior to work being done


3. Dedicated Team to aid in project completion:
• Project Manager
• Project coordinator
• Crew Leader (the same dedicated 6-8 man crew will be assigned to your project)


4. At the project handoff conference, we will discuss and coordinate logistics, restroom usage, equipment storage, etc


5. Working hours are from 9:00 AM — 6:00PM, Monday — Saturday. Hours may change if required.


Equipment and Insurances


1. All insurances will be provided: (Please see attached Insurance Certificate)
• General liability $2,000,000.00
• Workers compensation $1,000,000.00
• Automobile Liability $1,000,000.00
• Excess Umbrella Liability $1,000,000.00 Signage and Warranty


2. Project signage will be provided, if required, is included in the price and a part of our White Glove Service. Such as
• General Notices (to let the homeowners know that we will be in their area)
• Project Phase Notification for each building/unit
• Wet Paint Signs
• Follow up Notices
• Weekly progress reports


3. Because of our over 30 years of experience and our White Glove Service we know to take extra precaution around common areas to avoid any overspray issues on cars, windows, etc.


4. Standard Warranty. A standard 5 year warranty (1 year warranty for Decks) is included provided with our White Glove Service.

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