3 Exterior Colors to Paint Your Home This Spring

Spring is right around the corner, and what better way to pop out than to repaint the exterior of your home? Whether you plan on selling your home or just want to freshen things up, repainting during the springtime is a great way to bring your project to life. Painting your home is a bit more difficult than painting the walls and requires suitable materials and a step-by-step guide. You can handle the daunting task or hire a paint contractor for residential exterior painting projects.


Step By Step Guide Painting Exterior House

Painting the exterior of your home is a lot different than painting the interior or your walls. If you want to give painting your home a go as a project, the best time to get it done is in spring before summer. 

Step 1: Clean off your walls using a pressure washer to remove any dirt and dust buildup. A pressure washer is a better way to get the walls cleaned than using your hands or a hose that may not reach the top of your home or have enough power. 

Step 2: Look around the exterior walls for damages and repair anything you see. Fill any cracks and holes. Once those are dried, sand down the surfaces. After you fix the damages, remove any loose or chipped paint on the house. 

Step 3: The next step is to protect the doors, windows, and lights. Cover each of those with painter’s tape and plastic sheeting. 

Step 4: The last step is to get to painting. Most paints have primer, so there is no need to prime the building first. Start painting from top to bottom smoothly to create an excellent finish. Throughout the U.S., trees produce the most pollen from March through May. But in some regions, such as the South, trees may produce pollen as early as January and peak at multiple times during the year.

Since you are painting outdoors, you should consider the weather when painting. Ensure it doesn’t rain the day of or a few days after so your paint can dry well. Also, try to choose a date when the temperatures won’t fluctuate between day and night.


Benefits of Hiring a Pro

Although there are only four steps listed above for painting the exterior of your home, the project will be a big one depending on the size of your house. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry. You can search for a Georgia house painter near you and hire a pro to complete your exterior paint job. 

Saves Time

A major benefit of hiring a pro is saving you time. From start to finish, painting your home can take some time, especially if you plan to take breaks and do it over an extended period. If you hire a pro, that will be their one and only job, so they will be able to handle it promptly. You can go on about your business and have one less thing to worry about. 

Quality Job

When you hire a paint contractor like SPPI, you don’t have to worry about mistakes or the final project not looking right due to missed or wrongly done steps. A pro will be able to do the job correctly from start to finish and will have your home looking flawless.


3 Colors To Use

Arguably one of the most popular exterior wall colors, Alabaster is a warmer creamy off-white color with undertones. It’s the perfect color when you want a bright but soft white, as it is warm and balanced. It gives off a peaceful look and is extremely versatile as it works as a siding or trim color.

If you are looking for a great gray color, then consider Peppercorn. Peppercorn can look dark  but it has the ability to lighten up when on the exterior as it gets lots of natural Georgia sunlight. This is a very modern color with a rich feel that is versatile with an even balance between warm and cool. 

If you are looking for a fun but subtle new color to try this spring, Poolhouse is the color for you. It’s a great light blue paint that is truly timeless. A dark blue which is also a popular exterior color may be a little bold for you so opt for this medium blue that becomes breezy when paired with white or off-white trim colors. 

At SPPI, we use Sherwin-Williams paint, and they have a variety of colors available for you to choose from. We offer FREE quotes if you need assistance with your exterior painting Georgia commercial building! For more information, call us at (770) 985-3075 or visit our website.


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