7 Ways to Repurpose Your Paint Bucket

Are you wondering what to do with your spare paint buckets after your painting project? Here are 7 creative ways to upcycle and repurpose your paint buckets. 

repurpose paint bucket into planter. image via HGTV

1. Planter

Change your paint bucket into a planter. You can use the handles to hang the cans on a hook to make a hanging planter or screw the cans directly into a fence or other outdoor wood furniture.

Repurpose paint bucket into storage shelves

2. Storage Container

Do you need help organizing your paperwork? Repurpose your spare paint buckets as storage in your home or office. Set the paint cans sideways on an empty shelf and allow it to aid in sorting through paperwork. Create labels to determine what is a high or low priority and what needs to be disposed of. 

Repurpose paint bucket into paint brush holders

3. Paint Brush Holder

Keep your creative juices flowing when you repurpose your paint bucket into a paint brush holder. This is great for creatives and artists that would like their paint brushes close to them and ready for a new project. 

Repurpose paint bucket into ice bucket

4. Ice Bucket

Whoever said paint buckets can’t be fancy?! Add some leftover paint, wallpaper, or get creative with stenciling to create your own festive ice bucket for dinner parties, social gatherings and romantic evenings. 

Repurpose paint bucket into lanterns. Image via HGTV

5. Lantern

Punch patterns into the cans with a hammer and nail, and then paint them in a variety of colors. Place small candles or tea lights inside and voilà—candles for a summer patio party!

Repurpose paint bucket into bird feeder

6. Bird Feeder

Want to attract some birds to your backyard for summer birdwatching? Grab your old paint buckets and repurpose them into bird feeders. Paint your bucket to your liking. Fasten or glue a piece of wood to let the birds rest on. Let it dry completely before hanging it outside on your favorite tree with twine or ribbon. 

7. Paint Lid Mirrors

Now that you’ve used all your extra paint cans, let’s use the lids as well. Head over to your nearest dollar store and grab some small circular mirrors. Glue or tape them to your paint lid and create a design that will match the aesthetic of your home. 

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