What is the Best Season for A Commercial Painting Project?

What is the best season for commercial painting? Each season can be a good choice for your painting project. Read on to learn the best time to schedule your painting project with a professional painter. 

Start with a consultation.

When working with Southern Perfection Painting, Inc. you’ll receive a free estimate and walk through. By talking with a painting expert they can help you navigate your unique project with ease. During that time, the experts can learn more about your business needs in order to properly accommodate you and create a unique and individualized estimate. Whichever season you need your project done, we will make it the best season for commercial painting!

Benefits of Winter Painting

While a majority of business managers might assume that winter isn’t the best time for renovations including paint, that is not necessarily true. During the winter time it is colder and dryer which means that paint doesn’t need as much time to dry. There’s also a faster turnaround time because businesses have less occupancy and traffic. For most businesses this might be a preferred schedule. Generally speaking, through the winter time commercial buildings are more accessible and therefore a great time for a fresh coat of paint!

Benefits of Spring Painting

Fall into the brand of spring by wanting a change. Spring offers optimal temperatures for a new paint project. This can be very helpful for masonry coating in the curing of paint. It is also beneficial because the company will spot any damage to the building that occurred over the winter season and can help with repairs.

Benefits of Summer Painting

Painting in the summertime has multiple benefits. In the summertime there’s longer, brighter days meaning the paint job can consist of early or after hours to offset the amount of traffic the building might have. The temperatures in summer provide the perfect drying condition so you can get to painting much quicker.

Benefits of Fall Painting

Fall offers some relief for the paint contractors because the cooler air means they’re not going to be painting in direct sunlight all day. This is also a great time of the year to schedule a project because painting companies have more flexibility after the summer paint rush. 

To learn more, start with a consultation. Speak with an experienced painting contractor in your city. If you’re in the Atlanta metropolitan area then you can count on Southern Perfection Painting Inc.! Be sure to check out the rest of our SPPI Blog for more residential, commercial and DIY painting tips and guidelines.  

Southern Perfection Painting, Inc. can quickly and expertly paint your interiors and exteriors.

We have residential and commercial painters ready to provide you with the expertise required to bring your vision to life. Using our process, our experienced painters will evaluate your painting project, quickly and thoroughly.  We will then determine the best way to paint your residence or office and share with you our recommendations. Learn more about our free estimate and 100% guarantee now.

Our free estimate and evaluation include:

  • Quick initial phone complimentary consultation.
  • Complimentary virtual visits and in-person visits by our customer advocate team to evaluate are available. (For residential projects only.)
  • Delivery of a recommended plan that will take you from concept to completion.
  • Dedicated and experienced team of interior and exterior painters.

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