Is It Time to Paint Your Ceiling?

While most people might think that painting their ceiling would be a straightforward process, there are some things that you should keep in mind when doing so. Even something as simple as painting a ceiling can become complicated if not done properly. 

When painting the ceiling, it is often impossible to match the current white if you are just trying to get away with painting the repair. Most times, the entire ceiling will need to be painted because the original white may have darkened through smoke, pollution, or aging. Since that is the case, the entire ceiling needs to be painted and just not one portion.

1. Protect Yourself and Your Home

It is important to protect yourself and your home from possible paint spatter. It would be wise to invest in protective eyewear and headgear such as safety goggles and hats. Make sure all of your furniture is removed from the room and you can protect your floors by using a drop cloth. A pro tip is to tape your drop cloth down so that it can stay in place! 

2. Prep For Ceiling Painting 

Your project will be as good as your prep work. Be sure to take this step seriously!  Make sure your ceiling is clean and clear of any dust or grime. If there are any disparities on the ceiling such as holes or cracks make sure they are repaired first, this is one of the main reasons why homeowners repaint their ceiling, so don’t miss this step! Remove all the furniture in the room, as well as ceiling fixtures that may obstruct your DIY painting project.

3. Tape the Top of the Walls for Ceiling Painting

Keep paint and roller marks off the walls by taping the top of your walls. This is a great prevention step to avoid the painting tools from touching the wall. Follow this step if you are only painting the ceiling. If you are painting the entire room then this step is not necessary. 

4. Prime the Ceiling 

After prepping the ceiling, use a roller to prime. Allow the primer to completely dry and always read the instructions. You can choose the primer that is best for your project. How would you like your ceiling to look? Glossy, matte, silky? Think about the outcome of your project. 

5. Paint in with a Roller.

The best way to paint the ceiling is with a paint roller. Invest in a paint roller extension pole. If you’re a DIY painter this is a toolbox essential. The extension pole will allow you to reach and paint more areas and reduce the need for ladder work, thus saving you more time.  

Painting your ceiling might not be the most exciting part of doing DIY remodeling projects at home. But painting your ceiling is one of the most effective ways to give new life to an old dated room. If you are contemplating painting your ceiling and you have never done this before,  follow these tips when painting your ceiling so you can get the job done right.

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