Summer 2022 Trend: Transform your Exterior Brick Through Painting

Adding a fresh coat of paint can help brighten the home and create a cleaner, more even finish. Painting brick is a great way to update and refresh an old looking space. Brick has a very rustic look but can be used on interior walls as well as exterior walls. Your space will be transformed with the addition of some fresh paint.

Painting exterior brick walls is something you could tackle with just a couple of basic painting supplies. There are several options for how to paint exterior brick walls, each one with its own advantages. But the end result will be a fresh new surface that will help you create a clean and finished look in an area. Follow this guideline and you will have a fresh painted brick wall and an elevated look in your home in no time.

1. Protect outdoor furniture and floors with drop cloths. 

Prepwork is always first. Cover anything you want protected from paint, including outdoor furniture. Cover the part of the floors you will be the most active on. 

2. Clean before application.

Scrub brick lightly with nylon brush and vacuum to remove any loose dirt or dust, follow up by washing bricks with a soapy mixture. Pro Tip: Where you encounter mildew, apply a solution of one part bleach to three parts water. After letting it soak for half an hour, proceed to scrub the area with a wire brush. Never use acid cleaning solutions, any of which might compromise your paint job.

3. Make sure the surface is paint ready.

Cover holes and gaps properly. This can be done by filling in cracks and holes with a spackling compound. You can also use a caulk for larger gaps if necessary. 

4. Prep your surroundings. 

Make sure your space is sectioned and trimmed with paint tape. Remove or cover any exterior light switches and outlet covers that are close to your painting area.

5. Prime and paint. 

Apply primer and then paint the wall with a top-quality, water-based, acrylic paint intended for exterior use. If you had to make any repairs, remember that brick must be completely dry for the paint to adhere successfully.

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