Guide to Wallpaper Removal

Is it time to freshen up a room in your home by removing wallpaper? Then this blog is for you. Read on to learn the tools you need to make this DIY project a quick fix. Learn how to prepare your walls for wallpaper removal, understand the different types of wallpaper and the different methods you can use.  Prepare In order to begin your wallpaper removal project take everything off the walls. Remove or cover all furniture. Cover up outlets. Have a garbage bag ready for quick disp...

A Complete Guide to Interior Painting

So you want to spruce up a room or two in your home? That is great! A fresh coat of paint can add uniqueness, charm, and your own personality into your home. Before we get too excited, let's lay some ground rules. Interior painting is the application of paint in the interior space of a property. You can transform the look of a room or your entire house just by using paint! To start, here are some tips we always recommend when painting the interior of your home. We will discuss visualization, ch...

Do I Need Two Coats or Just One?

Generally, you will hear that two coats of paint is the best way to go. Yet, in most cases, one coat of paint is more efficient. So, if your home painting project only requires one coat of paint, why waste the money and time adding additional coats of paint? Why you should Use One-Coat of Paint. First, let’s talk about paint quality. There are home painting projects where your standard, premium latex paint will get the job done, but to ensure your one-coat success you can purchase one-...

PROTECTING YOUR HOME: Fire prevention and restoration

There is nothing more devastating than having your home fall victim to a fire. Hartford Insurance ranks fire claims in the top five most damaging and costly, with an average claim of $35,000. Many residences can be a high risk not just because of what's in them, but how they're maintained. Keeping and maintaining your smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers should always be at the top of your home’s checklist. But also looking at processes to regularly clean and reduce...

Happiness Habits for November and Beyond

Happy Habits for November. As we wind down towards the end of the year, stress can be a huge factor for many of us. But stress and anxiety can be reduced if not avoided altogether if we adopt a few simple habits into our busy lives. Take 5, 10, or 30! It may be that morning cup of coffee alone, or that 30 min silence after everyone else has turned in, or even the 5 min stroll across the store parking lot.  There are many small moments in your day that you can use to find your “inner calm...

Interior Inspiration

There are many different ways to upgrade your home’s look with painting techniques.  Inspiration can come in many forms. The professionals at Southern Perfection Painting, Inc. can also help you not only understand the types of exterior and interior paints for your painting job but how to effortlessly achieve that perfect look for your home’s exterior or interior. SoPro Tip: You can find inspiration for painting projects almost anywhere. Check out our projects for further inspiration. But ...

Residential Exteriors and their Paint Types

Learn what type of paint is best for your home’s exterior. When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, it's better when left to professionals, like Southern Perfection Painting, Inc. to handle. It’s important that your home painting contractor understands the appropriate and essential tools to use specifically for your home’s exterior. Manufacturers of paint products offer different types of exterior paints. The type of paint you pick will either upgrade or downgrade the look ...

How Paint can Improve your Home’s Value

A little painting can go a long way for your residential property and your wallet. There are some really low cost and simple ways to upgrade your home’s appeal and increase the home value. Whether it’s a rental property or your own “home sweet home”, house painting is an effective way to bring up the value of your home’s worth and boost that curb appeal. So how much can you increase your home’s value with a little house painting? A survey estimates that painting can deliver an...

Cleaning/Handling Pollen While Painting

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We know pollen: those small bits of the flower that appear during their reproductive period. They pose no health effects to anyone except for individuals who are allergic. During pollen season, pollen in the air is inevitably going to stick to the exterior surfaces, which can be quite an inconvenience, especially if you intend on painting. Since these contaminants are airborne and invisible to the naked eyes, there’s no way to prevent them from accumulating on your surfaces. Howev...

The Best House Color Schemes of 2017

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