National Painting Week: What Makes It Remarkable?

The National Painting Week The National Painting Week by Sherwin-Williams this year was set on April 15th to 21st. This was celebrated with various home decorating ideas such as tips on applying house paint colors to perk up the areas in your home. This week-long event commenced with the release of a survey conducted by Spring Home Improvement Survey - presented and posted by Sherwin-Williams at Here are the facts disclosed in the survey: 70%...

Residential Painters on Pressure Washing: “No Fuss”

Residential Painting Services
Easy Breezy Cleaning Residential painters work their best to bring out the gloss or luster of exterior paint colors to your house. These local house painters are confident that the paint colors they applied will indeed count years before the exterior residential painting fades away. However, this house exterior should be properly maintained. What better and affordable method among house painting services will be offered in retaining the “brand new” appeal of your house? Residential painter...

Exterior Painters Tip: Keep Yourself Hydrated

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Hydrate and Re Hydrate A major concern when painting during the summer season, particularly for exterior painters, are dehydration and heat stroke. We are all aware that painting is such a rigorous work which is made doubly so by the heat. Remember to hydrate and rehydrate yourself by drinking lots of water. It would be great too if you can drink up some Gatorade too. Remember though to avoid fluids with lots of sugar content and that water, still, is the best to take to beat dehydration. As ...

Industrial Painters Reveal the Advantages of Pressure Washing

Industrial Painters on Pressure Washing as Alternative
If majority of expert industrial painters are exterior painters, they have the confidence to convince business owners to prioritize the maintenance of the exterior of their office building. Commercial painting contractors will discuss with them that industrial painting jobs are not only confined to painting. They will prove that even without any re-painting done, the exterior paint of the commercial or office building can appear as though it is newly painted. This is pressure washing. The ind...

Exterior Painters Tip: Choosing Colors When Painting Old Homes

Choosing Colors When Painting Old Homes Updating the facade of an older home brings up one important question SPPI exterior painters and home owners ask: Stay true to history or update the look? You can go either way. You can recreate the original look by having a professional analyze old paint chips to bring back the color scheme that was used when your home was built. You can also steer from the past and give your home an updated feel by using modern shades that can actually play up its ...

What Do Home Painters Consider as 5 Qualities of Superior Paints?

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What Do Home Painters Consider as 5 Qualities of Superior Paints? Home painters do not just paint. As exterior painters, their experiences have made them more knowledgeable to their craft. Just imagine the numerous gallons of paint these local house painters have applied and consumed to the exterior of houses. They have definitely established their own set of qualities that enable them to identify whether or not the paint is extraordinary or superior. Here are 5 of the most common qualities ...

Interior Painters Tip: Spot The Eco-Friendly Paint

Spot The Eco-Friendly Paint Did you know that there is a very easy way to spot eco-friendly or green paint from conventional ones? Just lift that lid off and sniff. Conventional paints will always have that “fresh paint” scent that is loaded with harmful fumes from volatile organic compounds (VOC) and plasticizers that can cause serious harm to your health even years after painting. Eco-friendly paints, on the other hand, gives off little or no harmful odor since these are low in VOC or mad...

Commercial Painters: Getting the Best Advice from these Experts

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Commercial Painting Is Methodical Expert commercial painters know a lot about their stuff. You will be amazed not only with their familiarity on a commercial paint, but with their selection of colors for your business as well. You realize that commercial painting is not merely having your building painted with the colors of your choice. Commercial painting is methodical, so to say, with these considerations: You have to decide from among the local painting contractors you will consider -...

Exterior Painters Tip: Check The Weather First

Forecast Is Needed Nothing can be more frustrating than having to hit the pause button when painting the exterior of your house because of the turn in weather condition. SPPI exterior painters know that it will serve you well to check on the weather first before starting anything. You can check online, via your local news, or even from your smartphones through various weather applications. Choose that period when there will be at least three to four days of sunshine to give ample time for t...

Residential Painters: Springtime Exterior House Repainting

Springtime Exterior House Repainting Expert residential painters know that excellence in their work depends a lot on the weather. An optimal weather enables them to produce the best painting result. These exterior painters give the right advice to homeowners, particularly when their work entails exterior house repainting. When is the weather optimal then? It is at the onset of spring, and at times, during fall. It is often the first few weeks of spring when the temperature is not too hot or ...