Residential Painters Tip: No Stopping After Painting

Good Idea! SPPI residential painters ask... Are you contemplating on shaking up your outdated kitchen? Good idea! Nothing brings us more joy than turning our home into a work of art – but within budget of course. Painting your kitchen is just the first step. You can take it a step further by updating your cabinet hardware as well. Check out your favorite hardware stores and even online sites and choose from their wide range of knobs, handles and pulls to complement your paint job to a te...

Exterior Painters Tip: Sprucing Up Woodwork

Photo courtesy of Paul Cross
Preparing The Surface Well and Using Good Brushing Technique Painting wood to achieve that glossy sheen may not be as easy as you see from exterior painters and hoped for but neither is it such a daunting task. Preparing the surface well and using good brushing technique will do the trick for you. As to what paint to use, oil-based ones still top the list of many pros because these are slow to dry and allow those brush marks to flatten out. High quality latex paint, which dries fast, can ...

House Painters Tip: Keeping Moisture In Check

Photo courtesy of Sherrie Thai
Moisture Is Only Good On Skin, Not On Paint Moisture inside the house can cause your paint to bubble and peel, SPPI house painters are very much aware of that. Unfortunately, you cannot always control the moisture having its way on your walls. However, using primers and paints that allow moisture to pass through them, such as those made from latex can be of great help. Check out our Newsletter for more articles about house painting. For free painting estimates for your next painting pro...

Home Painters Tip: Top To Bottom

Photo courtesy of Cameron Parkins
From The Top Painting itself follows a sequence. SPPI home painters normally start at the top going down to prevent drips that can ruin a newly painted wall. Ceiling therefore goes first, then the walls next. Paint the trim and woodwork last. This way you can catch any drips and it won't ruin a freshly painted wall. Check out our Newsletter for more articles about house painting. For free painting estimates for your next painting project, please click one of the buttons below. We cater...

Atlanta Painting: Wisen Up When Coloring Your Home’s Exterior

Coloring Your Home’s Exterior Choosing the colors for your home’s facade can be as difficult as picking those for the inside. The thought that the outside is what people will see first is enough to keep you wracking your brain to make that crucial choice. Give yourself a couple of weeks to decide. You can photocopy a sketch or picture of your home and try various combinations using colored pens or pencils, or even watercolors. A good starting point could be your roof or brickwork. A simp...