Spring Time for Exterior Painters: It is Painting Season!

Why is spring time the best time for exterior painters? It is because, to them, this is what they consider their peak season. It is painting time! It is the time homeowners plan and schedule cleaning their homes and this includes residential painting - as winter comes to an end. Not only do exterior and residential painters anticipate spring time - everyone does. Spring is the time of year when the weather is not too cold and not too hot. Everybody has activities and plans all set for thi...

Commercial Painters Tip: Let Your Workplace Talk Business

When choosing the main color for your establishment, SPPI commercial painters has few things to remind you. As a business owner, you should know the type of customers you want to attract and the kind of business you deal with. With that, decide then on a color combination that you feel would appeal to the emotions of your target clientele. Any commercial painter should know that colors used for bargain chains may not work for more upscale businesses. Gym owners may go for colors that bars and ...

Interior Painters Tip: Dealing With Molds and Mildew On Bathroom Walls

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Marland
Molds and mildew are immediate concerns when painting the interior of your homes, particularly the bathroom. Our interior painters know very well a question that arises when painting a bathroom or dealing with bathroom molds and mildew: Do you need a specialty paint that can inhibit their growth or will ordinary paint do? In most cases, interior painters do not usually use specialty mold/mildew inhibiting or bathroom paint. So unless you have a history of mold and mildew in your home or must ...

Top Painting Contractor Southern Perfection Painting Inc. Wins Best of 2012

Top painting contractor Southern Perfection Painting Inc. wins “Best of the Best” Award for Metro Atlanta Residential Painting Industry on Kudzu.com for 2012. Southern Perfection Painting Inc. received the most number of votes in this category from thousands of Kudzu.com users. Indeed, the figures are evident why SPPI is considered the number one painting contractor. There are more than 5 million businesses vying to take their lead in the category they belong to, and over 30 service categor...

Interior Painters Tip: Clean Up Before You Paint

Photo courtesy of Alejandro Forero Cuervo
Cleaning the wall prior to painting is a step that many pass over, thinking it is an optional procedure. SPPI interior painters know how important this is. Skipping on this simple but crucial step may cause you much peeling and chipping later on as paint can only stick well when applied on a clean surface. Something that will surely affect how you feel about your home, of course. So, part of being practical, do not take for granted then the power of clean walls before you paint. All it takes...

Pressure Washing: Tips from Proficient Commercial Painters

Industrial Painters on Pressure Washing as Alternative
Proficient commercial painters have advance level in building painting maintenance. They know that commercial painting involves all the surfaces there are in a commercial building. The exterior painting is exposed to all kinds of weather. It also obtains build-ups from bird droppings, dirt, grease, grime, mold, and mud. How can property managers retain the gloss or shine of the commercial painting colors that highlight what the business is all about? Re-painting is not always the solution. It...

Exterior Painters Tip: Make Your Home And Landscape Work Together

The landscape of your house is an important factor according to our expert exterior painters, when choosing the color to use in painting the exterior. You may want to consider the way the trees change colors during the seasons or the flowers that enclose your lot when deciding to complement your surroundings. Greens may not work on areas with lots of trees or plants that shade your home, thus making it look darker than it is and would more likely than not hide or mask it. Check out our Newsle...

Residential Painting: How to Paint Over Wallpaper

In residential painting, there are a number of steps that should be done on the wall to be the best approach. Painting over wallpaper is considered a good alternative particularly when we want to give our home a new look. This means that there is no need to remove the wallpaper. We save time, money and effort for doing such. However, it is not that easy as it seems to be. These steps are as follows: Check the wallpaper for bubbles, loose seams, peeling edges and torn portions. Mar...