Pressure Washing: Tips from Proficient Commercial Painters

Southern Perfection Painting Commercial Painters Tips and Tricks

Proficient commercial painters have advance level in building painting maintenance. They know that commercial painting involves all the surfaces there are in a commercial building. The exterior painting is exposed to all kinds of weather. It also obtains build-ups from bird droppings, dirt, grease, grime, mold, and mud.

How can property managers retain the gloss or shine of the commercial painting colors that highlight what the business is all about? Re-painting is not always the solution. It is costly as well. Pressure washing the exterior painting is an alternative. It is even less expensive. This may seem an easy task in maintaining such building painting, but there are techniques that skilled commercial painters do effectively and to avoid accidents.

Here are helpful tips:

  • Use a clean commercial pressure washer. It should not be greasy, grimy and oily.
  • Check if the nozzle of the washer is appropriate for the pressure that will be applied to the surface.
  • Start the clean-up from the top of the building.
  • Set the water pressure at 4,000 psi. This is the average pressure to remove the build-ups.
  • Wear safety clothes. Likewise, see to it that no one is around on the ground, particularly towards the direction of the washer. The jet speed of water due to the pressure applied could strip the flesh away from the bone.
  • Aim the washer correctly on the surface in order not to cause the paint to peel, much more, break glass windows or any part of the concrete.
  • Bird wastes are hazardous to health. Seek professional advice and know how to clean up this mess properly and accordingly. Apply what you have learned.

For more dos and don’ts in pressure washing a commercial building, let the experts of Southern Perfection Painting Inc. assist you. The commercial painters of SPPI can do the work for you – giving you the best result and worry-free cleaning job. SPPI specializes in commercial painting and residential painting as well.