Residential Painting Basics: Paint Colors, Schemes, Finishes and More

Learn The Basics

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Residential painting basics provide valuable information to homeowners. These give them the certainty that they get the best results on the painting services they acquired. Being aware of this knowledge, the painting contractor hired by the homeowner will even see to it that everything is done properly and in place.

The exterior and interior painters are likewise more than glad to share additional tips or knowledge to the homeowners. In fact, they are the right persons to learn about residential painting basics. These are as follows:

  • Water and oil are 2 types of paint base
  • Water-based paints are usually applied on ceiling and interior walls
  • Oil-based paints last longer as these feature a protective coating
  • The varieties of paint colors are categorized as primary, secondary and tertiary
  • Color schemes make up the theme for the wall surfaces
  • A monochromatic theme makes use of a number of shades or tints from a particular paint color
  • The application of paint finishes highlights the theme of the surface – as it shields the wall as well

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