Residential Painting: Paint Finishes Recommended by Interior Painters

Residential Painting wall Paint Finish

Recommended by Interior Painters

Do you know that residential painting interior finishes have a variety of styles? The selection of interior colors in painting is the prelude to the final touch that complements the design of the room. This is one aspect homeowners have to make a sensible decision.

Often times, these homeowners realize only at this stage in interior painting that there is a difference between paint colors and finishes. They then rely on their local residential painting contractor for their choices. Professional interior painters, likewise, are in the position to recommend what paint finish is appropriate.

Moreover, paint finishes should be done thoroughly. It is also worth noting that majority of home painting ideas are based on the recommendations of painters. Here are of a number paint finish or sheen and their basic features:

  • Flat finish has no sheen at all and has no effect on the reflection of light, hence, this works well on ceilings.
  • Eggshell finish has less sheen and best recommended in bedrooms, halls, living rooms and stairways.
  • Satin finish shines little which is appropriate on doors and windows, as well as ceilings and trims as deemed suitable.
  • Semi-gloss finish has moderate sheen that is noticeable which is perfect on accents, trims or the interior walls of any part of the house including the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Gloss finish is usually the accents on cabinets and trims on walls as these style calls attention for the design to be acknowledged.

From the above-mentioned, it is certain that most homeowners desire an abode as relaxing and as stimulating it can possibly be delighting and uplifting to their spirit. If you are in the vicinity of Atlanta and you need more information on paints, let Southern Perfection Painting Inc. further discuss with you additional home painting ideas. SPPI can provide everything you need to know – from the selection of paint colors to the proper maintenance of the finishes.

As a painting contractor, Southern Perfection Painting Inc. has a pool of qualified exterior and interior painters who can definitely accomplish any painting job according to your preferences and expectations. The quality of their workmanship is guaranteed to satisfy all their clients – whether as business owners or as homeowners. This is the assurance of SPPI in all their commercial and residential painting job contracts.