Residential Painting: Paint Brush and Roller Cleaning Tips

Paint Brush and Roller Cleaning and Preservation Tips 1
These residential painting tips and examples will explain the best way you can care for your paint rollers and brushes so your paint jobs would be easier and neater: Trim off the ragged roller edges The tiny beads and ragged edges of dried paint on a paint roller may look harmless, but they will mess up your paint job. Trim them off and leave a tapered edge, or else your roller will make tracks in your paint as you work. Clean your brushes with a golf club brush An old golf club brush ...

Residential Painting: 5 Timeless Paint Colours

paint picking color decorat
In case you are about to make renovations in your home, you should carefully plan all the procedures and decorations that you want to perform. Choosing the right painting colours for each room tends to be an easy job, however, people still find it difficult to pick among the great diversity of colours that are offered nowadays. Whether you decide to stick to more traditional colours or to spread your imagination and to trust the contemporary and modern tones, the most important thing is to mak...

Residential Painting: Interior Painting Guidelines

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Painting the interiors of your home or office, including its ceiling spaces will pose a bit of a challenge, but you can easily do it if you know how to prepare for what comes ahead. There is quite a bit you need to do if you want to pull the job off without a hassle, so you can start with the   following tips: Begin by checking your walls and ensuring cleaning them is part of your preparations. Dust and grime may get in the way of your work, so you would do well to ensure this will never ...

Residential Painting: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Wall Painting

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When it comes to wall paint, there are literally thousands of options filling the shelves of the local store. So how do you make a choice? The color intensity, durability and easy wall cleaning are indeed essential, but there is one vital feature that many people often neglect. Commercial painting consists of hazardous compounds that can affect the individual’s health, not only during the painting process but even after that. Therefore it is worth investing in a safe green solution for your resi...

All You Need to Know About Decorative Painting Techniques

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You don’t need a lot of furniture and details to create an amazing interior. You can literally display your artistic taste on the walls of your home. The decorative painting techniques will add dimension and texture to the otherwise boring room. Plus they are far easier to pull out than you think. If you feel insecure in your skills, you can hire a building service. There are a variety of options that will give a unique touch to the walls. You can choose between dramatic effect and mild and obtr...

Residential Painting: Finding Carpenters, When You Need More Than Just Painting

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Carpentry and Painting SPPI is a painting services company, and we, painters, work hand-in-hand with carpenters.  And if ever you might need one, here's a guest post from builders clearance Fulham, giving us a brief overview of what we should know about carpentry and finding carpenters. What does a carpenter do and when might you need one Carpenters are very skilled craftsmen who can do a variety of work ranging from making furniture to helping with the construction of buildings. The ...

Residential Painting: The Process of Painting A Wall

Washing filling sanding and masking your walls before painting
In residential painting, the process of painting a wall or a room is not just about putting on the paint. There is plenty else to think about to ensure that you are getting the job done right, and that you get a great result. The better the preparation work, the more likely you are to have a good time with the painting. There is a four point preparation plan that you need to apply to the walls that you will be painting, even after you have put the dust sheets down! Have a look over the follo...