Industrial Painters Tip: Thin Paint And Clean Up Naturally

Photo courtesy of Alan Cleaver
Our industrial painters said that there is a non-toxic natural alternative you can use to clean up your brushes or thin paint, and that is citrus thinner, or tupenoid natural. It can even be used to clean other household items. Unlike turpentine and mineral spirits, this has a mild and citrusy odor and is biodegradable. Disposing of leftovers is therefore easy and safe, and does not pose much danger if ingested in small doses. It may be used alone or can be mixed with other paint thinners. As...

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House Painters Painting Tip: Keep Your Walls Crayon-Free

Photo courtesy of Inga Munsinger Cotton
Our house painters find homes with children to be always prone to crayon marks on the walls. It is a good if we have wall erasers available to us at any given time, but what if we don’t? There is another way to go about this colorful problem without having to repaint your wall. It’s time to put that toothpaste (not the gel type) to more use by rubbing some on the crayon marks. Then, with a pencil eraser or an art gum, start erasing these in a circular motion. Use baby wipes to swipe these mar...

Commercial Painters Tip: Explore Colors From Your iPad

Got to paint your house but just can’t decide what color to use? Get your iPad out and check out those color combinations using Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Studio™. With more than 1,500 colors in its palette for you to tinker with, you have more than enough to experiment on combinations and virtually paint your walls with literally a brush of your fingertip. Check out our Newsletter for more articles about house painting. For free painting estimates for your next painting project, please clic...