SPPI: A School of Thought in “Green Living”

SPPI: A School of Thought in “Green Living”

Green or no-green, do we have a choice?  As a disciple of “green” and “green living,” the SPPI answers NONE.  Where to go, of the dreams we want to achieve, all should gear towards a feeling of compassion to others so that they, too, may live.  We believe that it is everyone’s task to protect the environment and save a life.  It is for the future, for the next generation, so we should get involved.

Believe it or not, we are now facing a pressing issue of global warming, more floods, droughts, heatwaves, melting ice and rising sea levels.  The United Nations says that that these phenomena are more likely caused by humans.  There is nothing we can do but to act quickly and pole-vault in saving Mother Earth.  Invite everyone to engage in a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Understanding “green living” does not happen overnight.  There are series of debates and learning experiences that prompted the adoption of present rules and stricter policies.  As one of the advocates, we will share with you some facts that we learn about “green living.”  Here are some:

Question:   What does it mean to be GREEN?

Answer:  Technically speaking, the “Green” terminology was shaped by the United Nations to focus with a design to draw worldwide environmental policies.  It started in year 2012 when the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) held a mega-summit titled as Earth Summit 2012 or Rio 2012 or Rio+20 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  It was a follow up conference of the 1992 Earth Summit held in the same venue and the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) at Johannesburg. The aim is to reconcile the economic and environmental goals of the global community.  The 10-day Summit culminated to a 3-day high level United Nations Conference participated by many nations and heads of state, private sector companies, non-government agencies and other groups.

Question:   What is “Green living?”

Answer:  Simply speaking, “Green living” is a people’s initiative to preserve nature. Protecting Mother Earth is everyone’s concern.  Men are the only major controlling forces that could protect or unprotect the surroundings.  The universal demand is for people to allow healthy environment to flow while effecting the right to development.  The Earth is the only place we call “home,” so we should sustain it by creating better communities while harnessing “green” activities. Everyone is required to exercise “green living.”

Question: What is a “Green activity?”

Answer:  A “Green activity” is a pursuit, program or project that leads towards respecting the natural world.  An implementer could be the government, non-government agencies, private companies, businesses or other groups, down to household levels.  Green activities necessitate the use of green products, from sale, services to waste management and disposal.

Question: What are “Green products?”

Answer:   “Green products” are items that are environmental friendly, be it commercial or non-commercial.  The ingredients should come from organic substances, carefully processed and packaged with biodegradable materials.  Its impact in the atmosphere should be positive, that is, it is low-carbon, less smog producing, less dangerous and easy to dispose.  We can recognize green products by searching at the energy seal logo or green seal.

Question: What are the “Green” products that SPPI apply?

Answer:   We have paints that are eco-friendly.  You will learn more about these paints here in our website.

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