Residential Painting: The Variations of Exterior White Paint Colors

Residential Painting Sherwin-Williams Shades of White

The Variations of Exterior White Paint Colors

The first step to exterior residential painting with White requires thoroughness. This is due to the fact that there are several variations of White paint colors with Sherwin-Williams paints brand alone. However, these are classified into two shade categories, namely, warm White and cool White.

Warm White shades are combined with a tinge of yellow and a touch of brown, pink or rust. These shades of warm White are the choice of most exterior house painters and homeowners. On the other hand, shades of cool white have a reflection of Blue, Gray or Green. Although this shade is not the top choice in residential painting, this is usually considered a fantastic alternative among home painting ideas.

Furthermore, any residential painting contractor who endorses Sherwin-Williams paints should be familiar with the 163 variations of exterior warm White cool White shades of this brand. Ten of these are as follows (the pair of figures corresponds to the row number and column number, respectively, of the image above):

Shades of Warm White

  • Beige (01, 01)
  • Cotton White (01, 10)
  • Décor White (06, 13)
  • Impressive Ivory (06, 03)
  • Nearly Peach (05, 01)

Shades of Cool White

  • Aquacade (09, 01)
  • Ceiling Bright White (13, 03)
  • Extra White (01, 02)
  • Pure White (01, 03)
  • White Mint (08, 09)

From the above-mentioned, White paint color is the most practical means of obtaining exterior surface walls that will last long. If you are in the vicinity of Atlanta, let Southern Perfection Painting Inc. further discuss with you exterior home painting ideas using Sherwin-Williams paints. SPPI can provide everything you need to know – such as the variations of White house paint colors.

As a painting contractor, Southern Perfection Painting Inc. has a pool of qualified interior and exterior house painters who can certainly accomplish any painting job – according to your preferences and expectations. The quality of their workmanship is guaranteed to satisfy all their clients. This is the assurance of SPPI in all their commercial and residential painting job contracts.

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