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Residential Painting Ideas: 2015 Impressive Trends with Paint Colors

Pattern Of Color Mixes From Cool And Warm Paint Colors

What are the latest residential painting ideas? Generally, there are a lot of ideas in various categories such as color trends. The said trends on colors are usually based on how the year is perceived. 2015 is fast approaching. The “in” thing is setting a pattern of color mixes from cool and warm paint colors while keeping a balance of the primary colors.

Residential Painting Ideas Bouyant by Sherwin-Williams

How is the effect of this? Sherwin-Williams Paint Company prepared a catalog of Color Mix as the company forecasted. Furthermore, a professional local painting contractor can illustrate designs of residential painting ideas regarding the current trends. The interior painters the contractor endorses are even excited to do the work with gusto on what color mix the homeowners prefer. The following are 3 of the recommended 2015 Sherwin-Williams themes and color combinations (with the corresponding SW code):

  • Botanical shades of nature comprise the Buoyant theme of Coral Reef (6606), Paradise (6720) and Wood Violet (6557) among others
  • Pastel shades compose the Chrysalis theme using Aqua-Sphere (7613), Bona Fide Beige (6065), and Roycroft Mist Gray (2844) colors among others
  • Bold shades make up the Voyage theme using Expressive Plum (6271) and Seaworthy (7620) colors among others

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