Residential Painting Guide: Choosing Paint Colors the DIY Way

It’s Not Hard As It Sounds

The most popular residential painting guide is about choosing paint colors. More often than not, potential homeowners find this an exciting, yet challenging, task. Even those who see themselves not artistically inclined realize that they are able to mix-and-match paint colors in every area of their homes they plan to have.

Sherwin-Williams - Shades of White | Residential Painting

The DIY (do-it-yourself) steps in determining the set of paint colors for your home are as follows:

  • Have a color wheel (or paint color visualizer) handy
  • Decide what color scheme you will use for the combination of colors
  • The color scheme of complementary colors matches opposites on the color wheel
  • The monochromatic color scheme combines paint colors based from a specific hue (colors side by side on the color wheel)
  • Black and white (along with beige, brown, gray, tan, and taupe) are classified as neutral colors

It is worth noting that having a residential painting guide may be easy to follow, but a selection of colors through the DIY way is not enough. There are several factors that need to be considered prior to finalizing the colors to be applied. The points of view of the local painting contractor you trust and hire is vital. They have the expertise as well as experience being in the industry for years. The exterior and interior painters can also share what they think of the color matches since they know how the actual paint colors look.

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