Residential Painting: Exterior Paint Colors and the House Framework

Residential Painting Exterior Paint Colors and the House Framework

Exterior Paint Colors and the House Framework

Residential painting mix-match is the latest trend in home painting ideas. This is not only applicable to new houses but in re-modelling homes as well. In fact; because of this, most homeowners eventually maximize their purpose in hiring the services of a painting contractor who provides them with experienced exterior house painters. This mix-match is not merely on paint colors. This also involves the architectural framework design of the house.

How do the homeowners plan and proceed with this residential painting mix-match? Here are some ideas to consider in matching modern house frameworks and appropriate colors in exterior painting:

  • The framework of the house consists of the roof, masonry and the architectural accents such as doors, trims and windows.
  • Nowadays, the architectural framework designs come in a variety of geometric and linear shapes
  • Linear framework designs look best with colors that are not too bold
  • Neutral or soft tone colors create the best visual effect on any architectural framework design
  • Hazelnut cream or gray-brown are two of the most preferred soft tone colors
  • Specific shapes of the framework can be highlighted with a couple of shades from a soft tone or with two complementing tones
  • Painting the door with a color that contrasts the soft tone used on the other frameworks perks up the exterior

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