Residential Exterior Painting: Suggested House Framework Paint Colors

The Colors Need To Blend Or Complement

Residential exterior painting the house framework entails the mix-match of paint colors. It may not be the latest trend, yet many homeowners still find this fascinating. What makes the mix-match of colors on the house framework a possible option?

Residential Exterior Painting

Firstly, the mix-match of colors in residential exterior painting is applicable to new houses and even in re-modelling homes. Secondly, the homeowner is able to maximize the services of a reliable painting contractor. The contractor endorses exterior house painters who are very skilled in the mix-match of paint colors. Remarkably, this is not merely on the colors per se. The colors need to blend or complement the architectural framework designed on modern houses – such as the following home painting ideas:


  • It noteworthy that the roof, surface walls, and the accents (doors, trims and windows) make up the architectural framework
  • The framework is designed in various shapes – which are either linear or geometrical
  • The linear framework is identified with horizontal and vertical structures
  • Linear framework designs are best with cool colors or warm colors in moderate shades or hues
  • Any architectural framework design create a distinctive visual effect when highlighted with a couple of neutral, soft tone or earth colors plus 2 complementary colors
  • The most preferred soft tone colors are the shades closest to hazelnut cream or gray-brown
  • Perking up the entire frontage is residential exterior painting the door which contrasts the soft tones used on the other frameworks

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