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How to Paint Water Pipes

paint water pipes

Painting Water Pipes

When doing interior decoration there are a lot of things that need to be considered in order for the complete work to be performed professionally and visually appealing. It is often enough that a single thing is missed and all effort invested and effect achieved becomes significantly lessened. One of those diminishing things is to leave water pipes in their natural color and there is no excuse for this since painting them is an easy and quick task. Here is how to paint water pipes most efficiently.

Why is this important?

Quite simply, if the water pipes are visible they need to blend with the environment in order to have a compact atmosphere since they certainly do not contribute to aesthetical beauty of any room. That is unless you wish to create an industrial one, or your favorite color is grey and you painted your walls in a color palette of such kind.


Just as any other surface that is to be painted, water pipes need to be prepared in order for the paint job to be successful and economic as well. The pipes need to be thoroughly cleaned using a wire brush. All of dirt, stains and rust needs to be removed before moving on and this needs to be done by hand since usually there are places that cannot be reached in any other way. Therefore, be prepared for hard and meticulous work and do not skip any spots since the durability of a paint job and overall effect depends on how well prepared the pipes are. Naturally, before taking any next step make sure you protected other surfaces, especially the floor, from getting stained. Nylon will surely do the trick.


Every unfinished surface needs to be primed before applying the final finish in order for it to be representative, compact and durable. If priming is skipped when metal surfaces are in question, the paint applied cracks easier, inconsistencies appear, including stains and spots and very soon the pipes will need to be repainted. Be careful when choosing a primer, it needs to correspond to the type of finishing color you will use.


The color you use depends solely on your preferences. You can blend the pipes with wall color, or make interesting contrasts and improve dynamics. The basics of color theory will be sufficient to pick the best combination in this case.

Future commercial property owners

If you plan on investing in a commercial property you surely wish for it to look its best. When it comes to water pipes painting you are somewhat blessed in comparison to home owners since the majority of preparations can be done before the pipes are installed, which makes the entire work faster and more economic and this is an opportunity that should be used. Once the commercial plumbers are done with installations, all you need to do is to apply the paint of your choice thus making the pipes less noticeable.

Painting the water pipes obviously requires a well planned and executed work. However, the difference this will make to your interior are certainly worth all the effort, time and money invested.

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