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Commercial Painting Tips: 2 Most Common and Foreseen Painting Services

Two Major Steps To Follow

Commercial painting tips for new structures are generally about finding reliable local painting contractors. This is then followed by the selection of paint colors. What about something for business owners planning maintenance work of their building structure?

First and foremost, painting services involve in maintaining a building are mainly cleaning and repainting the exterior and interior wall surfaces. Secondly (and with painting job in mind), exterior and interior painters will likely suggest a couple of commercial painting tips. These are very valuable. Both of these may sound common yet, something fresh and the latest for one. These are as follows:

Commercial Painting Tips - 2015 Color Mix Forecast

2 Very Familiar Painting Tips 

  • The best times to repaint commercial structures (in order of preference): Summer, Spring and Fall
  • Repainting wall surfaces: The latest color trends fit for the business

Something Common (yet Fresh and the Latest)

  • Out now in the open is the 2015 Color Forecast by Sherwin-Williams Company
  • This forecast is highly anticipated in the industry towards the end (or earlier) of every year – particularly among contractors and painters
  • Based from this forecast, commercial painters are eager to make suggestions about the most appropriate paint combinations on wall surfaces

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