Commercial Painting Shadow Lines: Fall, Winter, and Interior Painters

What Are Shadow Lines?

Commercial painting shadow lines as a technique was introduced years ago, yet it was not given much attention. It is currently trending as one of painting services that can be accomplished during the fall, or even at the onset of winter, season. This is good news among business owners who intend to have a different or new outlook of their office in time for the New Year.

Commercial Painting Interior Painters

What are shadow lines? These are the upshot of a painting technique interior painters do with horizontal or vertical lines. Local painting contractors usually recommend this commercial painting shadow lines in areas that need to be enhanced or improved with regard to space. It is usually considered a “trick” done for the interior of business establishments in order to create a difference yet creative surface wall.  This “trick” works in the following ways:

  • Shadow lines can be the lightest or the darkest among the colors in the monochromatic set
  • These lines can also be the lowest or highest contrast of cool or warm colors to be used
  • Horizontal lines make offices appear spacious and ready for display of functional and informational stuffs (e.g. whiteboards and certificates of accomplishments) or art works
  • Vertical lines provide sophisticated appeal to the area through “high clearance” perspective of the ceiling
  • Broad lines not only puts style on the walls, but bring out creativity and boost performance among the people
  • Narrow lines create the accent on the wall that sets a lively ambiance on the area
  • The horizontal (top, middle and bottom portions) or vertical (left, middle and right portions) lines may be painted only as part (or portion) of the design on wall

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