Commercial Painting Services: Applying the Concrete Protection System


Sherwin-Williams - Concrete Protection System Commercial Painting

Concrete Protection System

There are a lot of factors in commercial painting to be considered for it to last longer – and flawless at the most. Professional exterior and interior painters acquire their knowledge in these aspects and on their area of expertise through their experiences. Local painting contractors, on the other hand, are also up to date on further training they offer and provide particularly to their commercial painters.

In line with the above-mentioned, the application of concrete protection system is likely to become in demand nowadays. Business and property owners are keen on including this as one of the painting services on exterior walls of their commercial or industrial buildings. They are aware that if they have to maintain the reputation of their business, it should first manifest on the peripheral.

Hence; if the concrete protection system introduced by Sherwin-Williams paints is to be preferred, this is best applied using the following:

  • Loxon Concrete and Masonry Primer: This primes and seals the concrete walls so as to provide long-lasting finish and high performance protection to the exterior walls as well as interior walls of buildings.
  • Loxon Conditioner: This high pH resistant conditioner adheres perfectly as top coat since it is primarily 100% acrylic emulsion.

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