Commercial Painting: How Local Painting Contractors Estimate Cost

Quality work in commercial painting can be expected from reliable and professional local painting contractors. Professionalism details the equipment and materials used, as well as skills of exterior painters provided by the contractors. These factors are incorporated in the comprehensive planning and painting services required for the job.

Moreover, the project is well-planned in such a way that variations are kept minimal. The financial aspect involved in commercial painting is properly and correctly accounted. The cost is appropriately calculated, including the amount paint to be used, as follows:


  • Obtain complete measurement of the exterior surface and other areas to be painted such as gutters, soffits and the like
  • For smooth surface finish, divide the total area to be painted by 400
  • For rough or textured finish, divide the total area to be painted by 300
  • Multiply the result obtained by the cost of paint per gallon


  • Preparatory time depends on the condition of the surface walls
  • It involves time spent to caulk, power wash and scrape
  • The painting time of commercial painters is calculated by dividing the total area to be painted by the average rate of the painter
  • The labor cost is the total time obtained from preparatory and painting multiplied by the hourly rate

Equipment, Other Materials and Overhead Cost

  • Equipment and other materials that are not on hand are considered incidental costs
  • These include drop cloths, fuel, rent of power washer and the like
  • Overhead cost includes a percentage, usually at 20%, of the total cost of the painting job – exclusive of insurance and advertising costs

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