Commercial Painting: Common Painting Errors Exterior Painters Avoid


Commercial Painting: Common Painting Errors Exterior Painters Avoid

Commercial Painting Errors Exterior Painters

Common Painting Errors Exterior Painters Avoid

With regard to exterior commercial painting, local painting contractors know how important this is to any business. It brings out the lustre of paint used. In addition, the property must always good as new in spite of the years. This primary feature creates a positive impression to potential clients or customers.

Commercial painting is considered part of building maintenance. As such, the painting services provided by the contractors include experienced and professional commercial painters in their line-up. These exterior painters, in turn, realize how the outcome of professional paint job is important. They see to it that, in the process, they avoid the following common painting errors:

  • Use of water-based paints and coating in smoking areas
  • Water-based paints re-wet the nicotine-stained surface which enable the nicotine to bleed through
  • Insufficient information on reapplication problems from the paint manufacturers
  • Neglecting the preventive steps in surface preparation which make the warranty agreement void
  • Improper preparation for the paints to adhere to the surface for a longer time
  • Inappropriate use of application tools such as paint brush and roller
  • Inexact tip size of air spray resulting in random coatings of highs and lows
  • Too much paint application that leave streaks and brush marks on the surface

The above mentioned provide hints in determining your decision regarding your commercial property. To begin with, you can check these with the painting jobs Southern Perfection Painting Inc. has completed. The expertise of their interior and exterior painters is demonstrated on the way they share their views and comparisons about various projects they have accomplished.

Southern Perfection Painting Inc. sees to it that their commercial painters are fully trained with the dos and don’ts on their painting jobs. SPPI is also among the few local painting contractors that maintain perfection in all their painting services in spite of the affordable painting estimates they offer. This is what SPPI is known for – the guarantee of quality in workmanship for all residential and commercial painting jobs they undertake.