Commercial Painting 2-in-1 Surface Walls: A Job for Interior Painters


Commercial Painting 2-in-1 Surface Walls: A Job for Interior Painters

Commercial Painting - 2-in-1 Surface Walls

A Job for Interior Painters

Commercial painting is evolving. The latest trend is producing 2-in-1 interior surface walls. These walls are originally intended for conference rooms. These not only bound or enclose the area. 2-in-1 surface walls can function as whiteboards or blackboards. How can such interior surface walls be possible?

Here are the details for this extraordinary commercial painting:

  • 2-in-1 interior surface walls allow anyone in the office to express thoughts in limitless space
  • These walls are coated with a special product categorized as dry erase paint
  • Local painting contractors usually recommend Sherwin-Williams Dry Erase Coating
  • This is exclusive for sale only to professional commercial painters endorsed by paint contractors
  • Painting services of this kind can only be accomplished by professional interior painters
  • This Dry Erase Coating comes in clear gloss which can be applied to any paint color
  • The finish lasts long and produces no shadow of what was previously written when erased
  • To date, 2-in-1 walls can also be designed in classrooms and even general offices

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