Color Visualization: Trending Exterior Paint Designs for your Structure

Guess it’s time to give your structure a good facelift, let’s do it! A reminder from the SPPI Perhaps you have some projects on the pipeline, important ones, but for sure you can spare a cost to revitalize that old- rugged paint on your structure – build a showcase, it is good for your PR (public relations).

Color Visualization: Trending Exterior Paint Designs for your StructureA property color that is YOU – one that you love, something for people to admire.  SPPI can surely help you try in 2015.  Get a glance at the image above, a house painted with brick-red and a pure white background.  It matches with people who are warm.  On the contrary, cool personalities would love other color, something like a Mediterranean blue with gold trimmings.

You can opt for a design that is, family.  Go for contemporary styles, neutral colors.   For example, a taupe or emerald green can be ideal and it has to be mixed with fierce, vibrant color – an exciting yellow or red ocher.   By this, the exterior of your house alone can show that you are one happy family.

For a change, a four-season paint looks better when certain colors will be used in conjunction with your roof, walls and windows. A cool summer-look using pastels that slowly transcends to a warm attractive winter.  Take color such as an orange, pink, or brown then match accessories around that.

maori walls exterior painting designsDo it the primitive way, it doesn’t need academics and the agony of deep thinking.  You can just rely on your instincts while creating colors and designs.  Give weight to rich native designs, for example African or Maori.  With exotic paint colors, a style that is innovative, genuine, and powerful will come out.  Try to examine the Maori walls at your left. The impact is great.

We do not do interior decorations but we are now on our 31st year of doing painting and its derivative jobs. SPPI have worked on a lot of homes and commercial establishments – our clients have depended on us in playing with colors and designs.  Definitely, we can offer different exterior paint ideas coupled with impressive styles.

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