Residential Painters Tip: Why You Should Prime

Better Surface Our well-trained residential painters know how important it is to like and feel good when you get inside a room that has been painted well. Our painting tip this time is about uneven surfaces, what to do about it? If you are painting an uneven surface, then you need to prime if you want that even, smooth finish that would surely make your paint job look professionally done. Primers do what paint cannot when you are working on wood or any surface with cracks, depressions and...

Commercial Painters Tip: Read Before You Paint

Read The Description According to our expert commercial painters, paints vary in the way they should be applied. The first and foremost thing you must do: READ THE LABEL. This should follow the step-by-step instructions that can spell the difference in the end result of your paint project. Take note of the required temperatures required so paint to dry and cure as it should. Don’t forget to prep the surface as instructed and adhere to the recommended time for each coat to dry. There are mo...

House Painters Tip: Get That Smooth Finish on Trims

Photo courtesy of John Athayde
Achieving A Smooth Finish The trick when painting trims is achieving a smooth finish, according to our expert house painters. So, do not mind some paint finding its way on your walls. Once the trim has been painted and dried for at least 24 hours, you can now tape it off and start working on your ceiling, then your walls. Check out our Newsletter for articles about house painting. All these and a lot more painting tips from one of the best painting contractors in Atlanta, SPPI. For free...