Top 5 Questions to Ask When Painting Your Home’s Exterior


It is amazing what paint can do to a wall. In the case of the home’s interior, painting can brighten a room and transform it into the liveliest place ever. But what about the exterior?



It is important to note that the exterior is what is first seen, and the painting of the home’s exterior says a lot about the person living in the house. The choice and use of paint reflects that person’s style and personality. Therefore, making sure the exterior paint of your home makes a good impression is essential.



Making the decision to newly paint or repaint your home’s exterior is one that should not be taken lightly. To make a good impression and ensure your home reflects style, it is important to know what it will take to achieve the best results.



Painting your home’s exterior involves more than selecting colors. There are so many factors to consider. As a result, by asking the right questions before deciding to hire an exterior painter, you can clarify important details, set realistic expectations, and make informed decisions.



This article highlights the top five questions you need to ask when painting your exterior. Get comfortable and keep reading.



What to Ask About Before Painting Your Exterior



Below are the top five questions you need to ask before you begin your exterior painting project:



1. How long will it take?

Ask your painting professional about the estimated timeline for the project. Ask about the days or weeks required to complete the painting of your residence exterior. Also, include the number of days it will take for the painting to dry or cure.



Although how long it will take largely depends on the exterior’s condition, the area to be painted, and the amount and type of paint to be used, understanding or getting an estimate of the timeline will help you plan accordingly.



2. What kind of preparation does painting your exterior need?

Just as you prep your interior, prepping your exterior is also essential. Therefore, when hiring a top-notch painting company with much expertise to paint your home’s exterior, ask what their painting prep is about, which may include patching any holes or imperfections, sanding, and priming, etc.



While some companies prefer you do the preparing yourself, which usually involves repairing small damages, cutting down bushes or shrubs, or other preparation work, others might offer to get that done for you. Ensure you get a good understanding of these processes.



3. How long will the paint last?

The lifespan and durability of paint vary based on factors such as the quality of paint used, the condition of the surfaces, and the level of wear and tear of the wall. Ask the painting expert or company about the expected lifespan of the chosen paint and its resistance to fading, chipping, or staining. Understanding the durability of the paint helps you plan for future maintenance.



4. The cost of the project 

Discussing the cost of the exterior painting project before the commencement is essential to avoid any financial misunderstandings or surprises. Ask the painting professional for a detailed estimate, including labor, materials, and additional charges such as surface preparation or trim work. Request clarification on any potential extra costs that may arise during the project. By clearly understanding the project’s overall cost, you can budget effectively and ensure that the project remains within your financial means.


5. Payment terms and schedule?

Clarifying the payment terms and schedule is important to establish a transparent working relationship. Ask about the amount the company requires as an upfront deposit, if any, and when additional payments are due. Understanding the payment structure ensures a mutually beneficial agreement between you and the painting company.




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