Painting House Roof in White: Tips from Exterior House Painters

Roofs Painted In White Provide A Warm Yet Cool Interior

Painting house roof is vital to the interior of the home. It may seem unbelievable but the exterior of the home has a bearing on the temperature inside. This is the case with house roofs. Exterior house painters know, as they are experienced, that roofs painted in white provide a warm yet cool interior. Any painter contractor will likely agree on this fact – and at an affordable cost of painting house.

Painting A House Roof in White

The painting business has been in the industry for quite some time. Painting house exterior is part of the services contractors and painters do and find ways to deliver the best results. Along with the techniques they discover and get equip is particularly painting house roof in white.

Here are amazing facts and statistics with regard to white roofs:

  • White (or light colored) low VOC paints tend to reflect heat
  • The said colors of these eco-friendly paints do not bring about the negative effects of climate change
  • Roofs in white offset the warming effect from the emission of greenhouse gases
  • Heat is not absorbed which entails no need for any alternative cooling system
  • White roofs minimize energy consumption throughout the year (and 20% lower during summer)

From the above-mentioned, it is about time to paint (or re-paint) your roof. You may be contemplating as yet and SPPI may be of assistance as your painting contractor. SPPI offers a reasonable cost of painting house – including the roof.  You can let the qualified interior and exterior house painters of SPPI do the work for you. This is inclusive of the all-in painter contractor package.

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