Residential Painting Tools: Appropriately Preferred by Interior Painters


Tools Of The Masters

Residential painting tools bring about quality and well-painted wall surfaces. The preferences of the interior painters on these tools are based on what the outcome will be as part and parcel of the painting services. These include the texture and size of the area to be painted.

Paint brushes and rollers are 2 residential painting tools that are appropriately chosen. Any painting contractor should be knowledgeable on various kinds and sizes which have specific functions. These are as follows (including a couple of other painting tools):

Residential Painting interior painters | Photo courtesy of Alan Cleaver

  • A paint brush made of nylon bristles is used on water-based paints
  • Paint brushes with natural bristles are made from hog or ox hair: These are used on oil-based paints
  • Paint brushes made of foam are used in window casings and
  • moldings
  • A paint roller creates a smooth texture on surfaces: 3/8-sized rollers provide less naps and are recommended on wallboards
  • Large-sized rollers give larger naps and are best on bigger surface areas
  • An edger or angled brush are good alternates for painter’s tapes: It is less in cost
  • A paint grid for a 5-gallon bucket is highly recommended than a paint tray

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