Residential Painting: The DIFM Option by Hiring a Painting Contractor


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Hiring a Painting Contractor

In opting for residential painting do-it-yourself (DIY), homeowners are undoubtedly confronted with a challenge. Being aware of this, they then haggle whether or not the job can be completed.  However, they are determined on the positive with great home painting ideas they have planned to accomplish by not hiring a painting contractor.

On second thought, homeowners dwell if the result of their best residential painting effort will be as good as when they hire a contractor via do-it-for-me (DIFM). This lingers in their mind knowing that starting a DIY is one thing, but finishing it is another. The recent survey disclosed by Red Beacon and Kelton Research gives them the heads on based from the responses:

  • Homeowners nowadays would opt DIFM to exterior or interior painters
  • The ability to choose paint colors suitable to a homey environment is inherent only to some
  • 25% end up with DIFM to continue what started as DIY
  • 12% resolve not to DIY anymore
  • 40% spend more time based from the project timeline
  • Interestingly, 23% had misunderstandings with their spouse in the process of DIY

Certainly, most homeowners desire an abode as relaxing and as stimulating it can possibly be. If you need more information about DIFM painting that will also increase the value of your property, and are in the vicinity of Atlanta, let Southern Perfection Painting Inc. further discuss with you additional home painting ideas. SPPI can provide everything you need to know – from the selection of paint colors to the proper maintenance of paint finishes.

As a painting contractor, Southern Perfection Painting Inc. has a pool of qualified exterior and interior painters who can definitely accomplish any painting job according to your preferences and expectations. The quality of their workmanship is guaranteed to satisfy all their clients – whether as business owners or as homeowners. This is the assurance of SPPI in all their commercial and residential painting job contracts.