Residential Painting: The 3-Color Scheme Preferred by Homeowners


Residential Painting: The 3-Color Scheme Preferred by Homeowners

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The 3-Color Scheme Preferred by Homeowners

Residential painting is usually based on the personal preference of the homeowners. A number of homeowners specify a color that will represent each component of the house structure. Often times, a three-color scheme emphasizes the exterior house structure. Each color represents a part of the three components comprising this particular structure, as follows:

  • Body: The front, back and surfaces of the house which are painted with a siding color.
  • Trim:  These are the doors and window frames that use another paint color so as to differentiate these vertical elements from the surface or body of the house.
  • Accents: These are identified with a third color that is applied to a part of the structure intended for a specific purpose – which is usually the door.

There are instances when the homeowner has limited choice of house paint colors. This is when a color theme for exterior residential painting is dictated within the area. In this case, the exterior painters can demonstrate their creativity in painting the house – with whatever 3-color schemes that have to be followed. These painters are in collaboration with their respective painting contractor who advises them about the color mix-and-match preferences of the homeowner. Such is normally based on which of the painting estimates is agreed between the parties.

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