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Residential Painting Technique: Skim Coating Wall Imperfections

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Commercial Painting System - Project ManagementOne residential painting technique applied to repair damaged wall surfaces is skim coating. Cracks, deep scratches, or holes are apparent on the said walls. Such imperfections are repaired only by the experts. These are the professional and skillful exterior and interior painters. In addition to paint color scheme, they are also knowledgeable about this kind of residential painting technique.

The local painting contractor homeowners hire is likewise meticulous in the process. This is one of the painting services that require ample time along with patience in order to obtain smooth wall finishes. The imperfections on the walls using this residential painting technique must be flawlessly concealed as follows:

  • The compound, which usually is ready-mix, is combined with small amounts of water
  • The consistency of the compound mix must be similar to cake batter
  • The surface walls have to be lightly sanded so as to remove any loose bits and pieces prior to skim coating
  • The mixed compound is then filled into the cracks, scratches and holes on the walls
  • Any excess compound should be gently scraped off the wall portions

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