Residential Painting Guide: Paint Colors to Match the Hallway

It’s A Matter of Color Blending

A residential painting guide for hallways is rarely given attention. It takes one to be “artistically observant” in order see what paint colors applied on the surface walls perfectly blend and match to the surrounding. This refers to the doors and trims in areas of the home surrounding the hallway.

interior painters Residential Painting

In light of this, the experience of interior painters with regard to the effect of colors that add appeal to the hallway is vital. The possible colors based from the points of view of these painters can be incorporated as a residential painting guide. The local painting contractor that is carefully chosen by homeowners can also provide information about paint colors appropriate for the hallway. This eventually is part and parcel of the painting services the contractor provides. What then are the suggested colors?

  • Narrow hallways look wider with surface walls in light warm colors such as yellow
  • Long and narrow hallways brighten with metallic silver paint color on the surface walls
  • The doors and trims surrounding the narrow hallway painted in white or light neutrals enhance the walls
  • Wide hallways appear “just the right size” with dark warm or cool colors like blue or green
  • The doors and trims surrounding the wide hallway painted in earth tone complement the walls

A home that is stimulating and uplifting to the spirit is a delight. This is essentially what every homeowner dreams – a relaxing dwelling place. Indeed, attaining this is a process.

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