Residential Painting Facts: More on Low-VOC and Zero-VOC Paints

The Differences Between Low-VOC And Zero-VOC Paints

Residential painting facts are very reliable in the completion of a home. Paint colors give an appeal to home, yet these should also come from good sources. These sources refer to brands and materials.

Residential Painting Low VOC Paint colors

Local contractors are updated on the latest trends with regard to painting designs, materials and products. They, too, are aware of the residential painting facts with regard to paints. The aforementioned trends and facts are all important to them as these are what they incorporate in the painting services they provide. The interior painters in their team are likewise informed, in particular, on the differences between low-VOC and zero-VOC paints. A number of these are as follows:

  • Low-VOC paints still have a few volatile organic compounds in the paints
  • Zero-VOC or no VOC paints literally no longer have the said compounds
  • Genuine or authenticated zero-VOC paints are classified as eco-friendly
  • Tinted low-VOC or zero-VOC paints obtain additional VOCs
  • Regular tints contain more than 50% VOCs
  • Lighter regular tints have lesser VOC content compared to darker regular tints
  • Available VOC-free tints are 99.7 at the most

Indeed, a home that is stimulating and uplifting to the spirit is a delight. This is essentially what every homeowner dreams – a relaxing dwelling place. Come to think of it, attaining this is a process.

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