Residential Painters Classify Old Houses with Exterior Paint Colors

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Classify Old Houses with Exterior Paint Colors

It takes a lot of confidence when residential painters and residential painting contractors accept the task to work on old houses at a reasonable house painting cost. Doing so means that they are familiar with historic color palettes and you can truly rely on their knowledge and capability as well.

You will be amazed at how these expert residential painters explain how old houses were classified according to the exterior paint colors. What made each design distinct from each other was basically the combination of colors. This was the trend of the era – and the main point of residential painters – such as the following:

  • House that were categorized as southern architectural style had white, gray, tan and dark-colored shutters along with fancy trims.
  • 18th century colonial houses were stand-outs with color paints of red, yellow and orange. The trims and columns of the exterior were accentuated with white color.
  • The 19th century houses were identified from the Queen Anne design painted with earth colors.
  • 20th century houses until the mid-70s were painted with colors of autumn – brown, gray and green. These bungalow type houses emphasized architectural details with bold trims.

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