Painting Tips: How Do You Clean Painted Walls

This Can Be Achieved Effortlessly

There is certainly no denying that we homeowners are always on the lookout for painting tips, tricks, and solutions in order to maintain a freshly painted look on our home’s walls. This can be achieved effortlessly by simply keeping them free of both spots and dust. However, if you have somehow managed to neglect your walls recently, you may now be surprised to see the odd dark spot, odd stain or even a thoughtful toddler’s doodle or sticky hand prints.

Cleaning painted walls doesn’t need to be difficult.

Whether you are looking to brighten up your home or remove those stubborn stains, we will be taking a look at everything you need to know in order to ditch the dirt and have your walls back to their bright old selves, once again. And if your stains and dirt are a little too stubborn, you can always seek the helpful advice from a painting contractor in Atlanta!

Prep your walls before cleaning.Painting Tips: How Do You Clean Painted Walls

Funny enough, some walls in your home won’t require a hard scrub to become clean again, in most cases a simple dust over is more than enough for most walls. Regardless of what type of paint you have on your walls a regular dusting is a must. Before you begin with washing your walls, simply run the attachable dust brush of your vacuum cleaner over your walls and ceiling. Once vacuumed, simply wipe them down using a soft cloth-covered broom or mop or even try using an electrostatic dusting wipe for greater results.

How to clean walls painted using latex paint.

It is incredibly important when washing your walls, which are painted using latex paint, that you only use warm water and some form of nonabrasive all-purpose cleaner. Begin by dipping a soft clean sponge in the warm water before wringing it out until it is dry. Proceed with rubbing the sponge gently and carefully onto the wall. It is highly recommended to pay close attention to areas of a wall that may get touched often, this is typically around light switches and similar. Using a second sponge, dip it into clear warm water. Always remember to take special care not to get areas wet around electrical outlets such as telephone jacks and light switches. If you find that specific areas around electric outlets may require a deeper clean, always make sure to turn off electricity temporarily at your property’s circuit breaker box.

For marks and spots that are perhaps seeming a little more stubborn than the rest, try making a thick paste using a mixture of water and baking soda before rubbing the area of the wall using a non abrasive pad. Alternative you could also try a mixture of water and white vinegar. If either of these two methods does not work, a professional cleaner can also do the trick.

How to clean walls painted using oil-based paint.

When it comes to cleaning and washing walls which are painted using a form of oil-based paint, they can be cleaned using a similar mixture used for latex paint walls but rather than using vinegar or cleaner substitute them for a detergent solution (recipe can be found below). Using a sponge or soft cloth dip it into warm clean water before wringing it out so that it’s slightly damp and use the same process as listed above. Walls that are texture-painted or feature a troweled finish can be a nightmare for dust, which means they may need a deeper cleaning, which can be done effortlessly using a single ounce of borax to every pint of water used in order to clean the wall.

All-purpose detergent solution.

Using this recipe is a great way to handle dirt, grime, and sticky hand prints on even the most delicate of wall types.

  • Stir a single teaspoon of liquid dish detergent into four cups of warm water.
  • Add a quarter of a teaspoon of white vinegar.
  • Allow the solution to sit on the stain and work its magic for 10 minutes before blotting and wiping.

Remember, when using any form of mixture or even just water on any type of wall, it’s highly recommended to do test a small area that is out of view. In the event that the wall doesn’t react kindly to being cleaned, it won’t be a disaster in the event anything goes wrong, and lastly, if you do encounter a stubborn stain, why not get in touch with a friendly and professional painting contractor in Atlanta?