Interior Painters Tip: Use Natural Paint For Kids’ Rooms

interior painters Photo courtesy of Amy Gizienski

Be Colorful and Fun

When we talk about painting children’s rooms, interior painters know that vibrant colors come to mind. Or at least a room that is colorful and fun. Yet more importantly, the kind of paint you will use should be safe for your kids. Interior painters will recommend natural paint as a good choice of paint to use. Lime paint, a low-cost type of paint made from slaked lime or calcium hydroxide, and chalk. It may also contain other additives but are relatively safe for kids. This kind of high alkaline paint naturally resists mold and growth of bacteria. It can also withstand the wear and tear it will surely get from your kids. And since natural paint may not carry the vivacious colors you may want for your kid’s room, you can use it as a neutral background. Use paintings, colorful mobiles, fun furniture or even their own works of art to liven it up.

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