Industrial Painting Process: Acrylic Coating and Exterior Painters

What is Elastomeric?

An ideal industrial painting process to treat surface walls is using elastomeric acrylic coating. This process is what local painting contractors recommend as the most effective in finishing or repairing commercial structures. It is also part of the painting services they offer. The exterior painters assigned to do the tasks are skilled and trained as commercial painters. They know that the exterior surfaces they will work on are made of concrete, and at times, the surfaces are done with other masonry materials.

Boeing Industrial Painting

It is a basic industrial painting process to coat the surface walls for durability and as preventive measure. However, not all coats are the same. These differ in a lot of ways as in the following:

  • Opting for the regular paint coat costs less
  • Keeping the surface walls in regular paint coat sturdy for years incurs more expense
  • The elastomeric acrylic coating is pricey
  • The industrial painting process to maintain surface walls in elastomeric acrylic coating entails minimal cost
  • There are 2 special features in elastomeric acrylic coating that is compatible on concrete (or other masonry materials)
  • Elastomeric acrylic wall coating excludes water molecules: This hydrophobic characteristic is appropriate when applied to any cracks in the wall
  • Wall surfaces in elastomeric acrylic coating are waterproofed: The walls last in any weather condition

To the business owners, coating the surface walls in elastomeric acrylic is indeed a practical and wise idea. More so If the commercial property is situated in the vicinity of metropolitan Atlanta, you can visit SPPI You can then further discuss the industrial painting process as mentioned above. SPPI has a pool of experienced commercial painters who are equipped with the dos and don’ts of any painting job assigned to them. They, too, are skilled as interior and exterior painters from the various projects they have accomplished.

SPPI is among the recognized local painting contractors in the state of Georgia. SPPI offers affordable painting estimates and consistently adheres to perfection in all their commercial as well as residential painting services. This is the assurance of SPPI – quality in workmanship and in accordance to the industrial painting process needed for the job.